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Tracy Lawrence - Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned
Tracy Lawrence

Thanks to James Lee Bell ( for the lyrics correction.

Capo 3 to play in key of D

D   Em   G   A   G

Verse 1

I was ten years old the day I got caught
with some dime store candy that I never bought
G                    D
I hung my head and I faced the wall
   Em                         A
as Daddy showed me wrong from right
He said this hurts me more than it does you
there's some things Son that you just don't do
G                       D
is anything I'm saying, gettin' through
         Em                 A
I said, Daddy I can see the light

oh, lessons learned and they sure run deep
they don't go away and the don't come cheap
   C              G                        Em
oh there's no way around it, as this world turns
long lessons learned

repeat intro

Verse 2
Grandaddy was a man I loved
he bought my first ball and glove
he even taught me how to drive his truck
circlin' that old town square

he spoke of life with a slow southern drawl
I never heard him 'cause I knew it all
but I sure listened when I got the call
that he was no longer there

Repeat Chorus

guitar solo with verse chords

Repeat Chorus

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