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Tracy Lawrence - Life Don't Have To Be So Hard

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Tracy Lawrence
SONG:  "Life Don't Have to be So Hard"
ALBUM:  Tracy Lawrence
Writers:  Casey Beathard/Kenny D. West

Capo 1st Fret / Key of "D#"

Intro:  D   G D    D   A D    D   G D    D   A D

Don't wanna read the paper
    G           D
Or turn on the news
Don't wanna another helping
        A        D
Of the same old blues
Don't wanna call nobody
    G          D
Or answer the phone
What I want is everybody
     A         D
To leave us alone

--Chorus ("But do we" on 2nd / "So we can" on 3rd; instead of "Let us")

        G               A
Let us sit down in the porch swing
Sip a little ice tea
 G             A           D  Dsus2 D
Play with the kids in the yard
           G           A
Hey, it's time to get lazy
 D          Bm
Had enough crazy
 G                A      Bm   A
Life ain't got to be so hard
     G                 A       D
Oh, Life don't have to be so hard

-Break-> G D        D    A D
            No, it don't

Wanna stop and smell the roses
   G           D
I don't wanna run
Wanna catch up on the talkin'
     A           D
That we haven't done
The only big decision
     G        D
That I wanna make
Is do we take this conversation
 A           D
Down to the lake?

--Repeat Chorus ("But do we")


Cadd9               Bm
     More time with you
                    D   Dsus2 D
     Less time for worry
Cadd9              Bm
     More slowin' down
                G    A
     Less in a hurry

--Repeat Chorus ("So we can")

G D            D      A D
   No, it don't baby

-Solo-->(chorus chords)

(fade out)

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