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Radney Foster - Scary Old World

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Radney Foster "Scary Old World"
Written By: Radney Foster/Harlan Howard
CD: "Another Way To Go"

Single notes
C       F                  G
------ --- ----------------------
------ --- ----------------------
repeat 3X
   C              F               G
---0--- --- ---1------------1----1---1---1---
---------------3---3---2-------- -------------
---3--- --- ---3----------------- -------------
------------------------- ---3--- 3---3---3---

C                                F                          G
Baby it's a scary old world were living in
C                                F                                G
Sometimes it hard to tell who's really your friend
C                                 Am
There's not much that I'm sure of
But one thing's the gospel truth
   C                      Am                                  F
I wouldn't be so damned afraid of what's on the evening news
If I could just wake up every morning
F                     G
Lying next to you

F                     G
So hold on to me another minute
C                       Am
Treasure every second while we're in it
This loves's so strong
Baby let it linger on
F                                    G
Hang on tight and let's chase tomorrow
C                           Am
Share the dreams, survive the sorrows
This scary old world
Baby honestly
Could sure use lovers
G                          C   F  G
Just like you and me

Baby I think it's time we made our move
Do the things that only true lovers do
I need you right here with me
every single step
I'll give you this heart and soul and pray that God will help
Be your shelter from the storm
Til my dying breath


G                          C  F  G
Just like you and me
G                                   C  F  G
Baby just like you and me yeah
G                          C  F  G
Just like you and me

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