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Tim McGraw - Seventeen

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Seventeen - Tim McGraw
Album: A Place In The Sun
Writers: Aimee Mayo/Bill Luther/Chris Lindsey

Intro: G  A  C (x4)

G                A
Backseat of her daddy's car
I was trying not to go too far
G                        A                   C
Kept thinking about the words the preacherman said
G                   A
Lightnin' flashed across the sky
I saw love in a young girl's eyes
G             A                C
And that's a look you never forget

     G               D
Seventeen only comes once in a lifetime
C              D               G
Don't it just fly by wild and free
         D                  C    D
Goin any way the wind blew, baby
     G              D
Seventeen, livin on crazy dreams
C                  D
Rock and roll and faded blue jeans
C                                 D
And standing on the edge of everything

G  A  C

G                     A
Legs hangin' off the Bayou Bridge
Feedin' fish potato chips
G                      A                C
And talkin' about the mysteries of the universe
G                     A
Yeah, the world was somewhere else
We had the summer all to ourselves
        G     A             C
And the stars went off like fireworks


G  A  C (x2)


G  A  C (repeat to fade)

A   =   x02220
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
G   =   320003

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