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Waylon Jennings - Laid Back Country Picker

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Artist: Waylon Jennings
Song:  Laid Back Country Picker
Album: Waylon Live (Expanded Edition) (in live version, the third verse has
been left out)
Transcribed by: Alex Buettiker

Laid Back Country Picker         Key of D

Intro:   D      G      A      G       D

Verse 1
(D) South bound out of Shreveport heading (G) hell bent for his grave
(A) he reads a sign on the barn door (G) that says the good lord Jesus saves (D)
(D) But I don't think Jesus knows him cause he (G) ain't the Jesus kind
(A) He's a laid back country picker (G) with a laid back country mind (D)

Verse 2
(D) He gave the folks a good show at the (G) shreveport coliseum
(A)They all heard he's dying, (G) so they all come out to see (D)
(D) Friends and neighbors make him happy, lord them (G)snuff queens treat him
(A)He's a laid back country picker (G) with a laid back country mind (D)

(G) Uppers, downers, turn arounders (D) picked him up and laid him down
(E) his old troubles keep on swimming (A) cause their to damn mean to drown
(D) He keeps looking for an answer (G) I know he's never gonna find
(A) He's a laid back country picker (G) with a laid back country mind (D)

Instrumental:    D     G    A   G    D  (play twice)

Verse 3
(D) Big Bertha back in Beaumont, says he (G) really turns her on
(A) she hits the floor a dancing, when the (G) DJ plays his song (D)
(D)You can see somebody loves him, or at (G) least they did one time
(A) He's a laid back country picker, (G) with a laid back country mind (D)



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