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Waylon Jennings - Never Gonna Roam Again

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******************* NEVER GONNA ROAM AGAIN *******************
performed by Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

Verse 1: (Waylon)
        C/G                F                C/G     
	I've giving up on running off each time i want to go
                            Am               G 
	Quite a change has come to slow me down
             C/G           F                 C/G        
	I've set aside an empty search for something always wrong
                        Am            G 
	And i took the time to look around

Verse 2: (Johnny)
        C/G                      F                  C/G      		 
	I've wandered down some lonesome lines and slept beside the road
                          Am            G
	Turned my collar to a freezin' wind
              C/G              F                C/G   
	And i faced the day i lived alone and drank til i was dry
                       Am               G 
	Givin' up for gone down to the bone
               F                            C/G
	But i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again

Verse 3: (Waylon) 
        C/G                F         C/G         
	I traded all my promises on things that i can't keep
                           Am               G
	Keep them with my back against the wall
          C/G               F            C/G               
	Changed my mind so many times i don't know where i stand
                    Am            G
	Lucky i can even stand at all

Verse 4: (Johnny)
        C/G                    F              C/G             
	And i fool myself and no one else til daylight drove me home
                         Am                 G
	Sleeping off outback the whole day long
               F                            C/G  
	And i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again
         C/G                  F               C/G
	Because everywhere a fool has been a fool has been there too
               F                            C/G 
	And i don't believe i'm ever gonna roam,again

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