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Waylon Jennings - Back Again

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Back Again (Silver Ribbons)
performed by Waylon Jennings

F     C7     C

Travelin down this lonesome railroad
Silver Ribbons in my hand
A million miles of cross ties
Marks a million miles I've been

G          F		   G
Ive picked peaches down in Georgia,
F	     G
Apples up in Maine
       F	     C
Pulled cotton out in Texas
F	   C	    D
Ridin on a Train

I was just a lad of seventeen 
My daddy turned me loose
Silver Ribbons callin me
Engine and caboose

G		 A
I cant recall my mother
G		    A
She left when I was two
G		       D
Brunettes, blondes and redheads
G		     D
Were the only love I knew

G	    A	     D
Dont ask me where Im going
G	    A	      D
Dont ask me where Ive been
G	     A	          D	  G	
Those silver ribbons will take me there
G			A   G
There......... and back again
G	 A  G	      A	      E
One more time....back again......

Traveling to the tune of freight wheels
Is such a lonely sound
Here that lonesome whistle blow
And leave another town

  A		   B
I wish someone was waiting
    A		     B
Somewhere to welcome me
A		  E
Then those silver ribbons
      A		     E
Would see no more of me

A	    B	     E
Dont ask me where Im going
A	    B	      E
Dont ask me where Ive been
A	     B	          E	  A	
Those silver ribbons will take me there
A			B   A
There......... and back again
A	 B  A	      B	      F#
One more time....back again......

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