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Waylon Jennings - T For Texas

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Written by Jimmie Rodgers
Transcribed by Casey Newbold - Kerr (

This is from Waylon's 'Waylon Live' album, which is available on CD.

G ---0-----2-2--3-3-3-3-3----0--2-2--3-3-3-3-3

After that, just kinda fade into the "A" chord with:
G -2-2-2-2   etc

Well, 'T' for Texas, 'T' for Tennessee
D                                              A
I said "'T' for Texas, another 'T' for Tennessee"
E                       D (Pause)                                A
'T' for that no good woman... no good gal that made a wreck of me


I'd rather drink myself muddy water, sleep all night in a 'holler' log
I'd rather drink muddy water, sleep all day and night in a 'holler' log
Than to hang around Atlanta... be put down and treated like a dirty dog


If you don't want me, woman, just say so, that's all
If you don't want me, woman, all you gotta do is come around and say so, that's 
'Cos I can get myself more women than any two men or a passenger train can haul 


Well, 'T' for Texas, 'T' for Tennessee
I said "'T' for Texas, another 'T' for Tennessee"
'T' for Thelma... no good gal that made a wreck of me

Cool song.  I'm pretty sure I got the lyrics right, but I'm not 100% on some 

When you pause on the D, it sounds just as good to keep playing. Waylon stops 
on the 'real' version, but I sometimes keep playing. It's up to you, of course. 
And, also, you can use a D7 instead, and put in an A7 at the end of the first 
verses. Again, it depends on how you want it to sound.  I may submit Waylon's 
lead part later, if I can be bothered working it out

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