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John Michael Montgomery - Little Girl, The

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Song: The Little Girl
Sung by: John Michael Montgomery

INTRO: [C F C F C AM G] (twice)

[C]Her Parents never took the [F]young girl to [C]church
Never [F]spoke of his [C]name, never [Am]read her his [G]word 
[C]Two nonbelievers walking [F]lost in this [C]world 
Took their [F]baby with [C]them what a [Am]sad little [G]girl

[C] Her daddy drank all day and [F]mommy did [C]drugs
Never [F]wanted to [C]play or give [Am]kisses and [G]hugs
[C] She’d watch the TV and sit [F]there on the [C]couch 
while her [F]mom fell [C]asleep and her [Am]daddy went [G]out 

and the [Am]drinking and the [F]fighting 
[C]just got worse every [G]night 
behind [Am]their couch she'd be [F]hiding 
[C]oh what a sad little [G]life


[C]And like it always does the [F]bad just got [C]worse 
with [F]every [C]slap and [Am]every [G]curse 
[C]until her daddy in a [F]drunk rage one [C]night 
used a [F]gun on her [C]mom and [Am]then took his [G]life 

and some [Am]people from a [F]city 
[C]took the girl far [G]away 
to a [Am]new mom and a [F]new dad 
[C]kisses and hugs every [G]day

BRIDGE: (Same as before)

[C]her first day of Sunday school the [F]teacher walked [C]in 
and a [F]small little [C]girl stared at a [Am]picture of [G]him 
[C]she said I know that man up [F]there on that [C]cross 
I [F]don’t know his [C]name but I [Am]know he got [G]off 

cause he was [Am]there in my [F]old house 
[C]and held me close to his [G]side 
as I [Am]hid there behind [F]our couch 
[C]the night that my parents [G]died


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