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Hank Williams - Rock In My Shoes

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by Hank Williams
From the movie A Time to sing
This is a Good movie 

[D] I Meet a Girl ot to in my life time
[D] And Loved a few but the not the right kind
[G] I think iam wasten my time loven any one else but [D] you
[D] You got a hold on me i just cant seem to break free
[A7] I walk a girl down town and start to foul around

But honey your the rock in my [D] shoes
[D] I Stroll in to the night spots thinkn that something real hot
I've A [G] pritty Girl and shes got a lot But I know she ain't [D] True
[D] It's just not the some I'm playing a fools Game
[A7] but when I start to dance try Romance 

but honey your the rock in my [D] shoes
[D] Now my heart has reached decision 
[D] because my mind keeps haven avison
[G] When its time to read hers and hisen and i guess i allways [D] knew
[D] You make the bells ring before my heart shrinks

I'm walken down the ail great big smile 
because there [A7] aint no more rock in my [D]  shoes

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