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Merle Haggard - Carolyn

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Carolyn (Merle Haggard)

[C] Carolyn [Dm] let me tell you what I heard [Em] about a man today

He [F] didn't come home from work and he [C] went away

[Dm] 'Til he came to a [C] city,   [F] bright in the [G7] nightime like [C] day

There they say he met with some [Dm] women dressed in yellow and [Em] scarlet

Their [F] warm lips like a honeycomb, [C] dripped with honey

And [Dm] somethin' about the smell of [C] strange perfume

[Dm] Made him feel warm [G7],   and not [C] alone

Chorus (2x)

[C] Yes Carolyn a man will do that [F]sometimes on his own

And [C] sometimes [G7] when he's [C] lonely

And I believe a man will do that [F] sometimes out of spite

But [C] Carolyn, a man will do that [G7] always

[F] When he's treated bad at home [C]  (between choruses)[C] [Dm]  [G][F][C]

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