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Bobby Bare - Daddy What If

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Daddy What If - Bobby Bare W/Bobby Bare Jr.

Tabbed By JerseyRock


(Spoken by Bobby Bare Jr. without Chords)

     Daddy what if the sun stopped shining
     What would happen then?

If the sun stopped shinin you'd
A                   D
Be so surprised that you'd stare at the heavens with
A                      D
Wide open eyes and the wind would carry your
A                          Bm              E      A     Bm E
Light to the skies and the sun would start shinin again.

   A                  Bm
But Daddy what if the wind stopped blowin
E                 A 
What would happen then
       D                           A
If the wind stopped blowin then the land would be dry
   D                           A
And your boat wouldn't sail son and your kite couldn't fly
   D                                 A
And the grass would see your troubles she'd tell the wind
        Bm               E       A    Bm E
And the wind would start blowin again

(Same Chord pattern as Above)
But Daddy what if the grass stopped growin
What would happen then
Well If the grass stopped growin you'd probably cry
And the ground would be watered by the tears from your eyes
And like your love for me that grass would grow so high
Yes the grass would start growin again

But Daddy what if I stopped lovin you
What would happen then

no chord              
If you stopped lovin me then the grass would stop growin
The sun would stop shinin and the wind would stop blowin
So you see if you want to keep this old world a a-goin

      Bm           E         A
You'd better start lovin me again...
              Bm           E         A
Ah yeah You'd better start lovin me again

     You hear me Bobby

(Both Dad & Son sing together)
           Bm           E         A
     You'd better start lovin me again
     You Love Me Bobby
     Bm           E         A
     Better start lovin me again

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