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Bobby Bare - Ride Me Down Easy

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Ride Me Down Easy
Recorded by Bobby Bare, April, 1973
Album: The Essential Bobby Bare RCA 07863-67405-2
(also recorded by Johnny Rodriguez, titled as "Easy Come, Easy Go")
Written by Billy Joe Shaver

Key of G

Verse 1:

     [G] This old highway she's a hotter [C] than nine kinds of hell
     The [D7] rides they is scarce as the [G] rain.
     When you're down to your last shuck [C] with nothing to sell
     And [D7] too far away from [G] the train.

Verse 2:

     [G] Been a good month of Sunday's and a [C] guitar ago
     I [D7] had a tall drink of yesterday's [G] wine.
     Left a long string of friends, some [C] sheets in the wind
     And [D7] some satisfied women [G] behind.


     [G] So won't you ride me down easy Lord, [C] ride me on down
     Leave [D7] word in the dust where I [G] lay.
     Say I'm easy come, [C] easy go
     And [D7] easy to love when [G] I stay.

Verse 3:
     [G] I've put snow on the mountain, raised [C] hell on the hill
     Locked [D7] horns with the devil him [G] self.
     Been a rodeo bum, a [C] son of a gun
     And a [D7] hobo with stars in his [G] crown.

Repeat Chorus, then chorus to fade out

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