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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Cold Hearted Woman

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Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed
Song: Cold Hearted Woman
Album: Soul Gravy

Drop D Tuning

She's got a smile
   G  F           D
A million miles long
She's got a trail
    G           F       D
Of cryin' and leavin' songs
        G         F           D
You don't know and you don't care
     G           F     D
You're completely unaware
Sometimes I wanna rip out your heart
To see if somethin's there

Cold hearted woman
      G           F          D
You're bringing me down in flames

Runnin' round all over town
A                D
Runnin' down my name
Gonna get me a loaded pistol
          F        D
Hey, was that out loud

Cold hearted woman
A                   D
I'm gonna put you in the ground

When the money comes rollin'
I can do no wrong
When that river stops flowin'
She's burning up the telephone

By the time that I find you
My money's all down the drain
Burn it up on cheap motels 
And eight balls of cocaine

(Repeat Chorus)

Cold hearted woman
          G           F       D
Hey, what goes around comes around


Comments about this tab

DivaStar1 - 2005-02-21
I've got a correction for this song. All the "F" chords need to be changed to a Bb of some sort. A Bb, I think. Sorry for the mix-up.

Bb: (xx333x)


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