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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Leave Me Alone

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Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed
Song: Leave Me Alone
Album: Soul Gravy

G - Cadd9 - D (4x)

G              Cadd9                  D   G
There's been a lot of word floatin' round
     Cadd9    D             G
About what I do with my life
            Cadd9     D             G
People talk but I don't hear a sound
     Cadd9   D    G
Fabricated lies

You think you've got me all figured out
You couldn't even try
Talkin' smack behind my back
Can't look me in the eye


Am          C    Am
Cast your stone
          D    Am
Dig your bones
           C                     D C Bm
Tuck your tail and head for home
Am         G
Leave me alone

Your eyes are quicker than your tongue
You think that I don't know
They cut through me like the blazing sun
You've got no cards to show

They stare me down from across the room
You think my ears they burn
You'll feel the heat from my fire soon
Het, stand in line, wait your turn

(Repeat Chorus)


Em                           D              Em
Hey grab your shovel, boy, keep on diggin'
You'll find that nowhere's what your gettin'

(Repeat Chorus)


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