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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Alabama (new version)

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed
Song: Alabama (new version)
Album: Soul Gravy

Bm - A - Bm - G - Bm - A - G - A

           Bm         A
She picked up the telephone
          Bm         G
All she heard was dialtone
Bm           A                    G        A
She really thought she heard it ring this time
Bm           A
She said, "What am I thinkin'?"
Bm          G
"I must be only dreamin'"
Bm                   A                   G        A
"Or maybe it's the hundred times he's crossed my mind
Just tonight"


A                   G  A D
Maybe I miss your lovin' 
A                  G    A             D
Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit
A                  G    A                   D
Maybe I miss your body lyin' right next to mine
A                   G        A        Bm
Maybe I miss your touch a little too much

Tossin' and turnin'
Her skin's still burnin'
From the fire in his hands
Runnin' on empty
She needs somebody
But somebody wouldn't understand 
Then the telephone rings

(Repeat Chorus)

They talked about Savannah
Sweet Home Alabama
And how he missed the way she always smiled
Are you coming back soon, by the harvest moon
If I have to walk every mile on my knees

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
(Repeat Intro)

Bm - 224432
A - x02220
G - 320033
D - x00232


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