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Rachel Proctor - Me and Emily

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Rachel Proctor - Me And Emily (Rachel Proctor, Chris Tompkins)
Tabbed by victorcoral -

G	    = 320003 -or- 320033
A suspended = x02230 -or- x0223x (half bar)
B minor     = x24432
D	    = xx0232
C 	    = x32010
F# minor    = 244222
A           = x02220
A minor 7th = x02010
B (add 9)   = x24422



G              Asus        Bm   Asus
Floor board is filled with baby toys 
    G     Asus             Bm      Asus
and empty coke bottles and coffee cups
G       Asus        Bm            Asus
Driving through the rain with no radio
G           Asus    Bm  A
try not to wake her up

G          Asus  Bm  Asus
Cell phone says low battery
G           Asus    Bm    Asus
God what if I break down
G                      Asus        Bm     Asus
I'm just looking for an exit with lots of light 
     G           Asus       Bm
in a safe little interstate town

Just a cheap hotel 
with a single bed 
    Bm   F#m  G
and cable TV 
           A                    (repeat Intro)
is good enough for me and Emily

G       Asus        Bm   Asus
Someday when she’s old enough 
                G           Asus       Bm     Asus
she's going to start asking questions about him
G            Asus             Bm       Asus
some kid at school brings his dad for show and tell 
G               Asus  Bm      Asus
gets her little mind wondering

G          Asus  Bm   Asus
where’s my daddy do I have one 
     G       Asus        Bm    Asus
does he not love me like you do
G               Asus        Bm       Asus
Maybe I'll find someone to love the both of us now
G                   Asus         Bm
tell her when she's old enough to know the truth

Will it break her heart
will she understand
       Bm  F#m G
that I had to leave
                A                    D
That's what was best for me and Emily

The house was never clean enough
his dinner never warm enough
Bm                     A                       G    A
Nothing I did was ever good enough to make him happy
      D                Am7               G
So I guess he gave me what he thought I deserved
             Bm                 A                 G (repeat Intro)
but it would kill me if he ever raise his hand to her

G           Asus     Bm         Asus
Beggars are throwing rain on my windshield now
G                  Asus        Bm  Asus
Seems like they're laughing at me
G         Asus     Bm      Asus
Maybe the storm is letting up 
        G          Asus     B(add9)
and the morning is breaking free

It’s a brand new day
It's as second chance
       Bm    F#m    G
yesterday is just a memory
A              G  Asus  Bm  Asus  G  Asus  Bm
For Me and Emily

G              Asus        Bm   Asus
Floor board is filled with baby toys 
    G     Asus             Bm      Asus
and empty coke bottles and coffee cups

G               Asus       Bm           Asus
At least there’s one good thing that he gave me
     G            A        D
and she's starting to wake up

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