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Kenny Chesney - Because Of Your Love

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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Because Of Your Love
Kenny Chesney

     G     =     320033     D/F#     =     2X0232
     F     =     XX3211     Em       =     022000
     Am    =     X02210     D        =     X00232
     Bb    =     XX3331     Eb       =     XX0343
     C     =     X32010     Cadd9    =     X32033
     d     =   down stroke  u        =   up stroke

Tuned 1/2 step down
           G/C     G       D       Cadd9     D
           dud    dudd           dddududd 
G             D/F#
Baby, I don't understand 
F                  Em
How just the touch of your hand
    Am              D
Can make me feel invicible.
G                D/F#              
Do you know just where you take me?
F                Em 
Do you know how high you make me?
   Am                   D
I need your kiss like oxygen.
Bb             Am
With your arms warm around me,
G                   F                 Eb
When you eyes look deep into me it's unstopable. 
Baby, anything is possible.

G             D
Everything I wanna be,
Em           C   
Any dream I wanna dream
   G              D
I can because of your love.
Em          D        G              C
Anywhere I ever go, with all of my heart
         Am      G    F
I know I am the man I am (the man I am)
D           G
Because of your love.

G                 D/F#
Don't know how I lived before you,
F          Em
Now I live to explore you.
Am                    D
Take me girl to your secret world,
G                        D/F#
Where I can swim in your deep blue passion,
F                     Em
Where I can feel your love come crashing 
Am         D
Over me, Endlessly.
Bb              Am
Whether you're right by my side,
G                  F                Eb
Or whether you and I are a million miles apart,
I can always feel you in my heart.

*repeat CHORUS*

G  D/F#  F  Em  Am  D

*repeat CHORUS*

G  D  Em  C  G  D

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