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Craig Morgan - Paradise

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Craig Morgan

(sing this like the military boot camp songs with no chords)  (optional chords)
I don't know why I left (I don't know why I left)
But I know it won't be long (But I know it won't be long)
                (B7)                                        E  A E A E A 
No It won't be long (No It won't be long) Till I get back home

E                                 B7                 E
They gave me a green uniform and black boots for my feet
A             E               F#m               B7  
Eighteen and wild as hell I thought it would be neat
A                                E                  A
They put me on a plane to some strange and foreign land
         E                     B7             A
I said goodbye to mom and dad hello to Uncle Sam

open  A
      Once I was a soldier not afraid to die
Now I'm a little older and not afraid to cry
A                                    B7
Every day I'm thankful just to be a-live
C#m                          E                 A  B7       E   A
When you've been where I've been any kind of life is para-dise

E                        B7             E
Christmas of '89 was a lonely time for me
A                 E                         C#m               B7 
At most it was probably fine but it wasn't nothing like Tenne-see
A                                         E                   A
Never thoght the day would come where I might have to kill a man
E                                      B7                A
Did not sleep a wink that night but we won it for Uncle Sam

Chorus, lead, ending
C#m                          E                A   B7       E  A  B7 
When you've been where I've been any kind of life is para-dise

It's paradise  paradise (paradise)

Comments about this tab

rwinegardner - 2006-01-07
lyric correction:

Christmas of '89 was a lonely time for me

PANAMA was probably fine, but it was nothin like Tennessee

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