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Craig Morgan - It's Me

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It's Me
Craig Morgan

**Capo 2**

Intro: D-F-D D (4x)

Verse 1:
If you hear a voice a whistliní
Outside your window baby
It ainít a robbin or a blue bird
Itís me
If a postman brings a package
With big hearts on the wrapper
And you wonder who it came from
Itís me

Who loves you baby
(Itís me)
Please donít think Iím crazy
(Itís me)
If I go to the extremes
There ainít nothiní I wonít do
To hear you say you love me too
Say itís me

D-F-D D (2x)

Verse 2:
If you see a plane fly over
Pullliní a big banner
And the letters spell I love you
Itís me
And if you hear a DJ
Send a love song out to your name
From a guy whoís wild about you 
Itís me

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break: F-D F-D F-D D A

Repeat Chorus

Outro: D-F-D D(4x)

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