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Craig Morgan - Everywhere I Go

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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Everywhere I Go
Craig Morgan

D/C#  - X4X232
D/B   - X2X232
D/A   - X00232
G/F#  - 2X0003
Asus4  X02230

Capo 2

Intro Chords:
D  D/C#  D/B  D/A  G  G/F#  A

D                 D/C#     D/B            D/A 
I walk around the block to try to get you off my mind
G          G/F#               A     Asus4  A
I turn the corner, look who's there
D             D/C#   D/B         D/A 
Just like I remember pretty as a picture
    G            G/F#           A 
And I was just beginning not to care
G                                 A
Standing in the rain I stopped to stare

       D            G          D        G 
'Cause everywhere I go, you're goin' my way
       D       G                      A 
In the dark of night, in the light of day
        Bm              G                D        Bm
I can't run and I can't hide, there just ain't no place
            Em         A                D
'Cause everywhere I go, you're goin' my way

Sittin' at the table, I sense you behind me
Even though I know you're not really here
Climbin' into bed you slide in beside me
I feel my eyes well up in tears
Oh I can't make your memory disappear


I can learn to live without you
I wouldn't even dream about you
G                    A  
If you'd only set me free


Everywhere I go
I walk around the block to try to get you off my mind

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