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Big & Rich - Deadwood Mountain

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Artist: Big & Rich
Title: Deadwood Mountain
Released: May 2004
Chords by:

Intro - Em - D- G = 2x's

(verse 1)
G                           Em
I've been a rambler, all my life
                  C                        G         D
Been a bet it all gambler, yeah let it all ride
                     G                                  Em
Never been afraid of losin', there's been times i've lost it all
                   C                       G
But it wont really matter, someday when im gone

             Em              G
You can bury me, on Deadwood Mountain
                   Em                        G
By my brother Wild Bill, and sister Calamity Jane
                 Em                      C
Dont bring me no flowers, just a six gun smokin'
                     Em  D                Em         C
And put me eight feet down, when you bury me
                  Em  D              (pause)
Put me eight feet down when you bury me

Repeat Intro 2x's   Em - D - G

          C                  Em
And cover me, a little extra deep
              C                              D               
Cuz thats the only way im ever gonna rest in piece

(instrumental)- Em- D - G - Em - D - G - Em - D - G - Em - D - G 

(repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
                     G                         Em
When your heart runs deeper, than a ghost town gold mine
                   C                              G      D
You just know your bound to find, that mother lode
                    G                       Em
You spend your last heartbeat, chasin after rainbows
                          C                        G
Yeah there's no place you wont go, to win one more time

(repeat Chorus)

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