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John Michael Montgomery - Nickels Dimes and Love

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Nickels Dimes and Love
John Michael Montgomery

(D)                                    (G)
Remember when pocket change was all we had
          (A7)                      (A)                (D)
All those calls on the corner booth collect to mom and dad
Remeber that wore out couch we called our bed
                     (A7)                             (D)
When our quisine was porkin beans bologny and day old bread
Remeber that damn old car that kept breaking down
                         (A7)         (D)
And the times it left me stranded and thumbing all over town
                                  (A7)             (G)
And that old weekly paycheck just never stretched enough
(D)                  (A7)               (D)
Back in the times of nickles dimes and love.

(G)                                (D)
Together we shore made some dreams true
(A7)                          (D) 
Sometimes it wasnt easy but somehow we made it through
(G)                                  (D) (G)
And when I get to thinking times are tough
(D)                     (A7)               (D)
I remeber the times of nickles dimes and love.

(Verse 2)
(D)                                                 (G)
Remeber diging through your old purses and hope wed get
                     (A7)                  (D)
Enough change for an RC cola or a pack of cigaretes
                                    (A7)              (G)
Now weve got almost everything that we were dreaming of 
(D)                 (A7)               (D)
Back in the times of nickles dimes and love.

(Repeat Chorus)

(G)       (D)              (A7)              (D)
Ohh those good old days of nickles dimes and love 

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