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Alan Jackson - Dog River Blues

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Written & performed by Alan Jackson

Capo 2
Intro : D

D                          G      D
Well I first kiss you on a hollow log
D                      A        D
Down by the river they call the Dog
D                      G          D
We fell in love and we vowed that day
D                              A          D
Like the flow of the river our love wonít change
D                                  G       D
Well we married that spring and we built a house
D                                  A         D
On the bank of the river where the rock juts out
D                              G           D
Now the riverís still here but youíre long gone
D                              A         D
You left me and the river here all alone

Chorus :
D         G   A     D
I got the Dog River Blues
D           G        A       D
Iíve walked holes in both my shoes
      G             A           D         G
Now I still got the river but I ainít got you
          D   A     D
I got the Dog River blues

D                               G          D
Well the rain came down and the river rose up
D                       A      D
Filled up the cab on my pickup truck
D                        G        D
It came in the house and down the hall
D                             A           D
And washed your picture right off the wall


D                                  G           D
Well my heart still yearns and the river still rolls
D                  A               D
And I pray someday itíll bring you home
D                                G       D
So if you change your mind honey Iíll be here
D                            A           D
Waiting on the banks of that olíDog River



     G             A           D         G
Oh I still got the river but I ainít got you
          D   A     D
I got the Dog River blues

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