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Kenny Chesney - What I Need To Do

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"What I need to do"
Kenny Chesney
Album: "Everywhere we go"
Songwriters: Bill Luther/Tom Damphier
Transcribed by: (Casey Cummins)

I saw Kenny sing this live and I loved it!  I hope y'all enjoy it.  Cc
where I wrote "Dsus" just hammer on high E like your playing Dsus.  It sounds
better then just playing the chord through.

Capo 1st fret

Intro:  G,G(add9),C       G,G(add9),C

              G, G(add9)                   C
I keep telling my self, this is the right thing to do
             G                    G(add9)                     C
I was wasting her time, waitin on dreams that just werent comming true
              G,G(add9)        C
And this ole highway,  seems to understand
G                      G(add9)                  C
leading me off to somewhere  where no one knows my name
                Em                                   C
got the windows rolled down, got the radio up
           G, G(add9)              D
doing all I can, to get my mind of us

           G,G(add9)       D                 Dsus
what I need to do, is turn this car around
Em                                      C
drive as fast as I can, until I see the lights of our hometown 
       G, G(add9)            D             Dsus
and run to her, take her in my arms
Em                                                   C
let her see how sorry I am,  well, it shouldnt be soo hard
        G,D,Em              C   
but I drive...... on...  and on...   and on....

(repeat intro)

G,G(add9)                        C
87 more miles brings me into Baton Rouge
                 G                        G(add9)                         C
Theres a buddy of mine that says he might find some work that I can do
                   G,G(add9)            C
Or maybe head up north to Knoxville, Tennesee
     G                 G(add9)           C 
I know my baby sister's got a couch where I can sleep
               Em                                 C
Now the suns going down, on my broken heart.
            G          G(add)           D
Lord I gotta get back, before I go too far 

(repeat chorus)
                          G,G(add9), C
Knowing what I need to do....
G,G(add9)              C
Girl, Im comming home to you....
Knowing what I need to do
                           G,G(add9), C
Knowing what I need to do

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