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Jo Dee Messina - Bring On the Rain

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Bring On The Rain
by Jo Dee Messina (with Tim McGraw)
Album: Burn

*NOTE* Am7/E is the same as a regular Am7 just not hitting strings 5 and 6 
when you play it.

Intro: F  Am7/E  Dm  (2 times)

F               Am7/E            Dm
Another day has almost come and gone
F               Am7/E             Dm
Canít imagine what else could go wrong
  Bb                               A
Sometimes Iíd like to hide away somewhere and lock the door
  Dm               C             Bb
A single battle lost but not the war, cause

Tomorrowís another day
And Iím thirsty anyway
                F    Am7/E   Dm
So bring on the rain

F                     Am7/E             Dm
Itís almost like the hard times circle round
F                     Am7/E               Dm
A couple drops and they all start coming down
   Bb                       A
Yeah I might feel defeated, I might hang my head
  Dm                C                   Bb
I might be barely breathing but Iím not dead


Guitar solo: F  Am7/E  Dm

   Bb                              A
Iím not gonna let it get me down, Iím not gonna cry
        Dm              C           G
And Iím not gonna lose any sleep tonight

Cause tomorrow's another day
And I am not afraid
                 F    Am7/E   Dm
So bring on the rain

CHORUS (repeat to fade)

Comments about this tab

blkcountrygrl - 2006-04-08
Perfect! Nice Job!
bobbynate07 - 2006-06-02
Well done, though I wish there were some actual tabs to go with Tim M.'s guitar music in the background...

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