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Alan Jackson - Maybe I Should Stay Here

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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Alan Jackson - Maybe I should stay here

F#sus = 244422
F# =    244322
Bm =    224432
Gm =    355333

               E7        A                   D
Maybe I should stay here, for the rest of my life
                  E7       A                 D
My compliments to you dear, you're so easy on the eyes
I'm liking how my Jack and water, 
E                             D      G
Mixes with your Estee Lauder, Ooooh
                  E7        A                    D            
So maybe I should stay here, and keep making eyes at you

                 E7        A             D
Maybe you should stay here, I beg you not to go
                         E7       A                D           
There's something I must say dear, I'm compelled to let you know
My intuition makes me think that 
E                        D      G   
Holding you's a possibility, Oh oh
                    E7        A                    D     
So maybe you should stay here, and keep making eyes at me

A                D                A                  D
Some lovers lose, some lovers win, but honey I don't care
F#sus    F#       Bm            E                    A       
Somebody said only fools rush in but me, I'm already there

                   E7        A                      D
So maybe we should stay here, 'cos here's were we belong
                     E7     A                      D    
Like me the night is lonely, like you the night is young
There's no reason why we shouldn't let these 
E                                D      G
Feelings here just happen naturally, oh yeah
                   E7        A            D     Gm
So maybe we should stay here, for all eternity
                  E7        A             D
Oh baby we should stay here, just you and me......

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