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Keith Urban - Some Days You Gotta Dance

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Some Days You Gotta Dance
Keith Urban

It was about five 'til five on Friday We were all getting ready to go
And the boss man started screaming And his veins began to show
         D                               A
He said you and you come with me 'Cause you're gonna have to stay
    E7                              E E 
My heart was thumping I was jumping      I had to get away

Some days you gotta dance Live it up when you get the chance
'Cause when the world don't make no sense 
And you're feeling just a little too tense
        E7              D          A
Gotta loosen up those chains and dance

Well I was talking with my baby Over a small glass of tea
He asked the loaded question He said how do you feel about me
              D                           A
My mind was racin' I was pacin' But the words just wouldn't come
      E                                 E  E
And there was only one thing left to do      I feel it comin' on

Repeat chorus

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