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Keith Urban - Homespun Love

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Homespun Love
Keith Urban

You spun your web back a Sunday or two
  E                                        A 
I ain't never met nobody like the likes of you
You got me preachin' the news
You turned down my road and decided to stay
    E                                              A
And I took a shine to your hair and your hillbilly ways
And how you kiss on my face
        B                            A                     E
I got a bone deep feelin' you're the start of the good ole days

Well I still remember you came by my trailer
With chicken and some homemade wine
The dogs go to barkin', when we get the sparkin'
We almost set the house on fire
             E                                                  A
Well I got a big heapin' helpin' of the stuff I get a hankerin' for
               E                  B                        E
But honey your homespun love just keeps me comin' back for more

I like the flamingos you stuck in your yard
And I like the notions you stick in my head and my heart
Yeah and how you fix on my car
Well I reckon I'm lucky you're everything I need so far


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