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Jo Dee Messina - That's the Way It Is

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That's The Way It Is - Jo Dee Messina

Intro: G  D  A  (2 times)

G                   D
Everybody wants an easy ride on the
merry go round that we call life
G                 D
Take a drive on cruise control then you
wake to find it's a winding road
G          D
I had my dreams in view when the
money ran out and the engine blew
G              D
Hung my tears out to dry then my
dreams fell out of that clear blue sky
Dm     Bb                  C
And I, I was walking the clouds
Am7                  Dm
Feeling so safe and sound
Bb                        A
Something else knocks me down

D   A                G
Oh that's the way it is
           D             A       D
You gotta roll with the punches
A                  G
That's the way it goes
           D             A
You gotta bend when the wind blows
Bb   F                   Gm7
You live you learn, you crash and burn
It's hit or miss
     C                F    A
And that's the way it is

G         D
One fine day you wake up
completely hopelessly fallin in love
G                      D
He's just what you're looking for the only
problem is that the man's not sure
G                         D
Another guy'll give you everything, only
problem is you don't feel a thing
G                   D
Well I know from experience nothing's
ever gonna make perfect sense
Dm  Bb                        C
Oh, one day you get what you want
Am7                    Dm
But it's not what you think
Bb                     A
Then you get what you need


A                    Bb
Yeah, they say your soul is growing
    A                      Bb       A
But sometimes I feel like throwing something

CHORUS (repeats several times)

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