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Travis Tritt - T-R-O-U-B-L-E

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Travis Tritt


Well, I play an [C]old guitar from nine till a-half past [G]one
I'm just [D]tryin to make a livin watchin [C]everybody else havin [G]fun
Well, I [C]don't miss much if it happens on the dance hall [G]floor
[D]Mercy, look what [C]just walked through that [G]door

Well [C]hello T-R-O-U-B-L-[G]E
Tell me [D]what in the world are you [C]doin A-L-O-N-[G]E?
Say [C]hey good L-double-O-K-I-N-[G]G. Yea, [D]I smell
T-R-[C]O-U-B-L-[C]E[C][C] [G]
I was a little bitty baby when my papa hit the skids
Mama had a time tryin to raise nine kids
She Told me not to stare cause it was IM-PO-LITE
She did the best she to could try to raise me right

But [C]mama never told me 'bout nothin like Y-O-[G]U
Bet your [D]momma musta been another [C]good looking honey [G]too
Hey, [C]hey good L-double-O-K-I-N-[G]G. Well, [D]I smell T-R-[C]O-U-B-L-[G]E

Well you're a sweet talkin' sexy walkin, honky-tonkin' baby
The men are gonna love ya, and the women gonna hate ya
Remindin them of everything they're never gonna be
It may be the beginnin of a world war three

Cause the [C]world ain't ready for nothing like a Y-O-[G]U
Bet your [D]momma musta been another [C]good looking momma [G]too
Hey, I say [C]hey good L-double-O-K-I-N-[G]G. Well, [D]I smell

[G]I said hey. I said hey. I said hey. I said hey. I said hey.
[D]I smell T-R-[C]O-U-B-L-[C]E[C][C] [G]

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