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Chris Cagle - Rock The Boat

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Rock The Boat
Chris Cagle

Capo 1st Fret

Intro:  (G)  (A)  (E)  (G)  (A)  (E)

I've been (E) workin' all week, I can hardly wait
I got a houseboat rented down on the lake
My (A) pickup's gassed up and loaded up and ready to (E) go
I put out the word to all my good - time friends
We're meeting at the dock, that's where the party begins
Be (A) there or be square - come along anything (E) goes
Yeah, (G) Bon voyage, to(A)night we're gonna rock the (E) boat

   Yeah, we're (A) gonna motor out
   Drop anchor in the middle
   (E) Drag out the guitars, and tune up the fiddles
   Have (A) loads of fun be lucky if she stays af(B)loat
   Yeah, we'll (A) be makin' waves to(B)night
   We're gonna rock the (E) boat

(E)  (G)  (A)  (E)  (G)  (A)  (E)

Well I can (E) see us all now by the light of the moon
One big party on two pontoons
(A) Flip - flops, tank - tops, bikinis, and no dress (E) code
We'll be surrounded acres of swimming pool
Wall - to - wall coolers and barbecue
(A) Inboards - Outboards - Overboard
Throw me a (E) rope
Come (G) one Come all
To(A)night we're gonna rock the (E) boat

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  (A)  (A)  (E)  (E)  (A)  (A)  (B)

Repeat Chorus

Come (A) one
Come all
To(B)night we're gonna rock the (E) boat

(G)  (A)  (E)  (E)  (G)  (A)  (E)  (E)

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