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Chris Cagle - Love Between a Woman and a Man, The

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The Love Between a Woman and a Man
Chris Cagle

D                       C
Way Back home where the cypress grew
     G                      D
In a clapboard shack on the black bayou
       C                    G              D
Live a woman and a man that I call Mom and Dad
    D                   C             
And times were hard and times were tough
   G                         D
We barely had nothin' but we didn't need much
  C                      G           D
Except for the love of a woman and a man

C                               D
Daddy worked his fingers to the bone
      C                     G             D        C G
But I know my mamma was the reason he was strong

D                      C 
Everybody knows if the cold wind blows
    G                          D
The seeds don't sprout and the crops won't grow
C                  G                 D
Even though you've done the best you can
And when you're livin' in a house that you don't own
        G                    D
And the money in the bank is almost gone
    C                    G         D G
The only thing in life I know that stands
       C              G           D
Is the love between a woman and a man

D                               C
Well, I grew up workin' like my daddy did
          G                          D
Broke the land with my hands and the money rolled in
       C                   G            D
But it wasn't enough and I did not understand
You see, the only thing that matters money can't buy
            G             D
And when it gets down the bottom line
         C                       G           D
It's the love you find between a woman and a man

C          G                    D
Everything Daddy said to me was true
          C               G                   D
'Cause my life was not complete until I found you

Repeat chorus 2X

C             G         D G
Only thing in life that stands
       C              G           D
Is the love between a woman and a man

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