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Jason Aldean - Hick Town

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Hicktown - Jason Aldean

Submitted by Countryboy

Tuning notes:
For the intro riff to sound right you have to downtune the low E string
1 1/2 steps to Db (where 8th fret held down sounds like the A string-
normal tuning 5th fret would sound like the A string)

If you want to play the whole song with this tuning just don't hit the
bottom string when you strum the chords (or use the formation for E and F#
that's in the intro tab)

Intro:  (Drop Db Tuning)

h= hammer-on

  (Db)                     (E) (F#)
G------------------------------------------    Repeat 4 times

Verse 1:
Db                                      E - F# (repeat intro riff/chords)
Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin? up his Bronco
          Db                                   E -  F#  (intro riff/chords)
He?s gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull
        Db                                       E  -  F#  (intro 
All the girls are getting? pretty sprayin? on the White Rain
             Db                                    E - F# (intro 
Yeah they?re gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game     

         Db  E-F#
We let it rip... when we got the money
      Db   E-F#
Let it roll... if we got the gas
       Db  E-F#                              B    E(one strum)
It gets wild...yeah but that?s the way we get down

In a Hicktown

(intro riff/chords) (x2)

Verse 2:
Well you can see the neighbors butt crack nailing on his shingles
And his woman?s? smokin? Pall Mall?s watchin? Laura Ingles
And Granny?s getting? lit she?s headin? out to bingo
Yeah my buddies and me are goin? muddin? down on Blue Hole Road


   Db                                      E-F#
We hear folks in the city party in Martini Bars
Db                                                E-F#
And they like to show off in their fancy foreign cars
Db                                          E-F#
Out here in the boondocks we buy beer at Amoco
And crank our Kraco speakers with that country radio


B   =   x24442(bar chord) or xx4442
Db  =   x46664(bar chord) or xx6664
E   =   022100
F#  =   244322(bar chord)

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Morrma - 2006-12-20
this is an awesome tab, hicks rule!

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