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Elvis Presley - Ghetto, The

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The Ghetto - Elvis Presley
Written by Mac Davis

Tabbed by JerseyRock!!!   ENJOY!!!

Capo 1st Fret

As the snow flies.    
     Amaj7            E                   
On a cold and grey Chicago morn
 Bm                 E
another liitle baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his momma cries 
          Amaj7                 E          
Cause if there's one thing that she don't need,
it's another little hungry
E                         A
mouth to feed      In the ghetto
                     E                              D       A
Now people don't you understand   The child needs a helping hand
   D                       E                    A
Or he'll grow up to be  an angry young man some day
               E                       Bm       A
Take a look at you and me   Are we too blind to see
   D            Amaj7                Bm             E
Or do we simply turn our heads   and look the other way
well the world turns
      Amaj7                    E                  
and a hungry little boy with a runny nose
plays in the streets
       E                      A
as the cold wind blows in the ghetto   And his hunger burns
      Amaj7              E                       Bm     
So he starts to roam the streets at night and he learns how to steal
       E                             A
and he learns how to fight    In the ghetto
    E                                   Bm               A
And then one night in desperation   the young man breaks away
   D             Amaj7         Bm                   E
He buys a gun   steals a car   tries to run  but he don't get far
and his momma cries
     Amaj7                E          
As a crowd gathers round  an angry young man
face down in the street
       E                      A
with a gun in his hand in the ghetto    
as her young man dies
     Amaj7            E             Bm                 E
on a cold and grey Chicago morn'   another little baby child is born
In the ghetto

And his mama cries...

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