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Kenny Chesney - Summertime

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Summertime - Kenny Chesney
Album: The Road And The Radio

Intro: E  F#  A (x2)

Summertime is finally here
That ole ball park man is back in gear 
Out on 49, man I can see the lights
School's out the night's roll in 
Man just like a long lost friend 
You ain't seen in a while, you can't help but smile

         E        F#                 A
And it's two bare feet on the dashboard
Young love and an old Ford
E                  F#                A
Cheap shades and a tattoo and a yoo-hoo
Bottle on the floorboard
E        F#             A
Perfect song on the radio
       B                      A
Sing along cause it's one we know
It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine
             E  F#  A
It's summerti--------me
              E  F#  A  B
Sweet summertime

Temperature says 93 down at the deposit
E                       A
And guarantee but that swimmin' hole it's nice and cold
Bikini bottoms underneath
But the boys hearts still skip a beat
When them girls shimmy off them ole cutoffs


D                       A/C#
The more things change the more they stay the same
F#m              E/G#
Don't matter how old you are 
         A                          B
Man you know what I'm talking bout yeah baby when you got...


Outro: E  F#  A  B (keep repeating) 

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