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Kenny Chesney - Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair

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Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair

Kenny Chesney

Tabbed By: Craig Hamilton

First tab.  Sorry if it's wrong because it probably is.  On the THIRD beat
of the C chord in the intro and verses, hit the high 'd' string.

Intro:	C	F	Am	G

	C			F			Am			G
Bobby wants a ten speed, an English racer.  Jenny wants that fuzzy teddy bear.
	C			F			Dm			G
Now youāre asking me what Iād like from Santa for Christmas this year.
	Am			F			Am			F
Well thereās a lot of things, girl you could buy for me, but they wouldnāt mean as much
	Dm		G
as you standing by that tree.

	C		G		Am		F		C      G
Just put a ribbon in your hair, darling.  Youāll be the best gift anywhere Christmas morning.
	Am			F		C	G		F
Thereās no worldly treasure Iād like any better than you standing there.
	F	G	C
Just put a ribbon in your hair.

	C			F			Am			G
Colored boxes filled with fancy presents, theyāre a mighty big pretty site, itās true.
	C			F			Dm			G
But all those pretty things, they just canāt compare to the beauty in you.
	Am			F			Am		      F	 	Dm
Girl, on Christmas Day, the greatest gift I know will be having you to hold underneath
the mistletoe.

Chorus 1x  ·Just put a ribbon in your hair.

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