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Keith Urban - You Look Good In My Shirt

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You Look Good In My Shirt - Keith Urban
Album: Golden Road
Writers: Tony Martin/Tom Shapiro/Mark Nesler

Intro: G        C  G
         ha ha

         C                       G
When you walked up behind me and covered my eyes
    D                          Em
And whispered in my ear, guess who
  C                        G
I rattled off names like I really didn't know
    D           C           G
But all along I knew it was you
        C                     G
And the longer we talked, the more we laughed
    D                      Em
And wondered why we didn't last
       C                    G
It had been a long time, but later last night
D               C        G
Baby, we caught up real fast

C      D          G
And maybe it's a little too early
   Em              D     C
To know if this is gonna work
C      D       G           C
All I know is you're sure looking
Em   D      G
Good in my shirt

That's right...
Em        D             C      G
You look good in my shirt

        C                       G
Well now I'm not saying that we solved overnight
D                       Em
Every way that we went wrong
        C                  G
Oh, but what I'm seeing I'd sure love seeing
D              C       G
Every morning from now on


Come on now,   aww that's right
                  Em    D
Oh you look so fine         ooh yeah yeah


Em        D          C
You look good in my shirt... 1, 2, 3, 4 !

Outro: G   C  repeated with ad lib

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