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Keith Urban - Luck of Our Own

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Title : Luck of our Own
Artist: Keith Urban
Writers: Lisa Dale Daniel/Gary Burr
Album: Keith Urban
    I was lucky enough to catch the Brooks and Dunn show at the Air
Canada Center in July, and Urban did an amazing job.  He played this
song that night, but it really didn't jump out at me until I bought his
record the next day.  A positive little tune, a familiar theme on his
first solo album(if you ask me).  Anyway, it's simple:

C / F / C / G/
F                                       C
The cards are stackin up against us
F                                            G
These days our luck is running low
F                                   G
It's hard to explain but a little bit of rain
                F                                 C
seems to follow us wherever we go
F                             G            F
Black cat sittin on a ladder,  broken mirror on the wall
F                                G        F                           G
We're not a bit superstitious, no need to worry at all

F                           G
Cause when we can't roll a seven, and our last lucky penny is gone
F                                      G
This world can be tough, but I know when our love is this strong
                                                 C / F / C/
G/    (this is the intro again)
We can make a little luck of our own,  luck of our own

F                                C
This storm is only temporary
F                                    G
But you and I are here to stay
F                                    G
Baby, can't you see, true love is all you need
               F                                G
So just throw that rabbit's foot away

Repeat chorus x 2

-Not a whole lot to it, though I could just be missing alot.  Feel free
to fix it or give me suggestions, I just figured that I should submit
something in return for the knowledge (and gigs) I've gained from the
work of others.

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