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Brad Paisley - Celebrity

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Celebrity - - - Brad Paisley

The chords might not be perfect but it sounds pretty close.  
Its a blast to play and his guitar playing in this song is excellent as
A couple of quick notes.. On the verses the chords are CFG. The bass is
playing a high E between the F and G.  I didn't include that.
Also, at the very end he goes back to the chorus but only to part were he
says, "just cause you're on TV".***

Intro: C F Em G

(C) Someday I'm gonna be famous (F) do I have talent, well no (C)

These days you don't really need it (G)thanks to reality shows (C)

Can't wait to date a super model (F)can't wait to sue my dad (C)

Can't wait to wreck a Ferrari on my (G)way to rehab (C)


Cause when your a (F)celebri(G)ty 

Its adios re(F))ali(G)ty

You can act just like a (Em)fool 

People think your (F)cool just cause you're on T(G)V 

I can throw a (F)major (G)fit

Have my latte (F)just how I like (G)it 

They say I've gone (C)insane I'll blame it on the (F)fame 

The pressures that go (G)with being a celebrity (C) (F) (Em) (G)

I'll get to cry to Barbara Walters when things don't go my way
And I'll get community service don't matter which law I break
I'll make the supermarket tabloids they'll write some awful stuff
But the more they run my name down the more my price goes up

Cause when your a (F)celebri(G))ty 

Its adios re(F))ali(G)ty

No matter what you (Em)do 

People think your (F)cool just cause you're on T(G)V 

I can fall (F)in and (G)out of love have marriages that (F)barley last a

When they go down the (C)drain I'll blame it on the (F)fame

Say its just so (G)tuff being a celebrity (C)

So lets (F)hitch up the wagons and head out west

To the land of the fun in the (G)sun

We'll be (F))real world bachelor jackass millionaires

(G)Hey hey Hollywood here we come (C)


(Chorus) to "TV"

Being a celebrity
Yea celebrity

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scooter53 - 2007-02-25
The Em sounds wrong Am works much better

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