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Brad Paisley - Holdin' On To You

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Song: Holdin' On To You
Sung by: Brad Paisley
Album: Who Needs Pictures
From: Eddie Garcia (

G	                            C
I'm holdin' on to you when I close my eyes
D                  C          D
You're still in my arms and we never said goodbye
          G                              C
And it's all that I can do to go on with my life
            D                  Am     C              D
But that's supposed to be the reason why I'm here tonight
      Am        C                Am          C
In a downtown restaurant with a friend of a friend
    Am                  C       Am               C                 D
Well she sure likes to talk and I ain't heard a single word she's said…

Oh, but every now and then I nod
       G                               D
And I pretend to pay attention and I say things like "uh huh"
And "yeah, you're right" and "are you kiddin"
       C                            D             Am
And I laugh when it seems like the right thing to do
              G                    C             G
It's hard to hold a conversation, holding on to you.
                (2X 2ND time)

D                  C                G
I'd give anything, just to hear your voice
           Am              C            Am                 D
Or see you look at me and smile, oh but what I miss the most
           G                       C
Is holding on to you 'cause here I am tonight
D            Am             C                D
Starin' at a woman who's the last thing on my mind

( repeat chorus)

G                         C
Holdin' on to you when I close my eyes
D                   C           D            G
You're still in my arms and we never said goodbye…

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