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Kenny Chesney - Tin Man, The

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Song Name:  The Tin Man
Artist:  Kenny Chesney
Song Writers: Kenny Chesney/David Lowe/Stacey Slate
Album: Greatest Hits

Transcribed by: Blake Lasley

This is my first time doing this so forgive me for any thing that might be

Verse 1
Saw a man in the movie,
that didn't have a heart,
      A            B7       E
how I wish I could give him mine.
Then I wouldn't have to feel,
it breakin all apart,
          A                              B7 
then this emptiness inside would suit me fine.

A              E E7 E                     A
It's time like these.....,I wish I were a tin man,
A                         E                         B7
You could hurt me all you wanted....,I'd never even know,
A             E E7 E                    A Bm A
I'll give anything....,Just to be a tin man,
A                    E         B7                    E
Then I wouldn't have heart....,And I wouldn't need a soul.

Verse 2
I couldn't see it coming,
it took me by surprise,
     A                  B7     E
even now it still seems like a dream.
But I know I can't be dreaming,
Cause I lie down each night,
            A                          B7
The pain so great that it won't let me sleep.


A            E E7 E                       A Bm A
I'll give anything....,Just to be the tin man,
A                    E         B7 N.C.                 E
Then I wouldn't have heart....,And I wouldn't miss you so.

I hope you enjoy!!

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