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Blake Shelton - Heavy Liftin'

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Heavy Liftin' - Blake Shelton
Album: The Dreamer
Writers: Rivers Rutherford/Boyd Houston Robert/George Teren

Intro:  D  C (x8)

   C              G                D           C  G  D
I hit the ground runnin' with the morning sun
        C         G       D          C  G  D
When a job needs doing I get it done
   C       G          D            C  G  D
I show up early and I go home late
C          G       A             C
Everybody knows I pull my weight    (cause...)

              D    C
I don't mind doing 
                D     C
A little heavy liftin'
            D     C           D    C
I'm always givin',   my everything
               D      C             D      C
Even when I'm hurtin',   I keep on workin'
And as long as I'm still alive and kickin'
C                 G                D     (C  D  C)<--1st chorus
I'll be stickin',    to the heavy liftin'

    C       G        D            C  G  D
Oh baby I heard he done you wrong
     C         G        D           C  G  D
The going got tough and he got gone
     C         G       D           C  G  D
Well he ain't here and I ain't him
C                 G          A       C
And even if the walls come fallin in    (you know...)


Instrumental:  A (4 bars)  D  G (x4)

Baby when your heart is achin'

Lean on me my back ain't breakin'
C               G
All I'm sayin',    is...


C               D     C
Honey I ain't quittin'
            D     C           D    C   D  C  D  C
I'm always givin',   my everything      yeah......
As long as I'm still alive and kickin'
C                 G         D    C    D      C   
I'll be stickin',    to the hea---vy liftin'

D  C (repeat to fade)

A   =   x02220
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
G   =   320003

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