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Blake Shelton - Every Time I Look At You

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Everytime I Look At You - Blake Shelton


Intro: E   B A (x4)

E                      B      A
It brings back an old feeling
E                      B    A
Running into you like this
E                          B     A
I'm really not afraid of hurtin'
E                            B    A
But I can't stand the awkwardness
C#m   B     A     B
Do I laugh, do I cry
C#m   B        A        B
Do I dare look in your eyes

E       B
Oh no, here it goes
My hands start to shake
    A             B
My heart's gonna show
Like the day we met
        B         A
To the night you said we're through
B                   E
Everytime I look at you

E   B A (x2)

E                         B     A
You seem to be a bit distracted
E                             B   A
I wish that I could feel the same
E                           B     A
You never were too good at acting
E                  B         A
Baby some things never change
C#m      B         A      B
I can't keep from letting go
   C#m          B      A        B
It's something that I can't control


C#m              B                A        B
You stand there looking sweet and innocent
C#m             B               A            B
But how can you be so cruel and confident at my expense

CHORUS (twice)

Outro: E   B A (several times) then B E to finish

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