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Pat Green - Adios Days

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Pat Green

Capo 2nd Fret

D             A            G           D         D             A           G
Adios days on the wide open prairie  nights in the canyon are gone
D                 A         G                         D
Steven is dead and Johnny got married
D                       A              G                           D
Me Iām here all on my own   I'm all on my own

      D                 A                     G           D
I used to have nights on the town of Laredo
D                     A                      G
Spinning them girls cross the floor
            D                   A                    G                  D
Now Iām too old for dancing to far gone for the whiskey
        D                A                     G
So I donāt go down there no more


My dad was a top hand when he was a young man
He rode for the diamond bar J
Heād push all day long from the back of his pony
At nighttime heād gather the strays

Well he hated the city caused all the railroads
Said  they would lead us to fall
Now we have street cars and cowboys dying
I guess werenāt too far from wrong


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