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Pat Green - Songs About Texas

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

	Song:	Songs About Texas
	Performed by: Pat Green
	Album:	George's Bar
	Written by: Walt Wilkins
	From:	Joshua Joseph Dodds
	Notes:	This Pat Green's most famous song, and rightly so.
                It is very easy, though.  
	The Picking pattern is simply: picking the low base string, followed
        by picking the top several high strings. The 'hidden' song on
        "George's Bar", which is a cool acoustic version, is easier to
        learn from.  In the chorus the names: "Guy Clark/Jerry Jeff
	Walker/Robert Earl Keen/Townes 	Van Zant" are used interchangably.               
        These lyrics are taken directly from the book, so they are how the
        song was written not sung. The only semi-confusing part is at the
        end of the chorus, there are three things: 
		1)At the end of the thrid line while singing the word
                  'cold', Pat Green either uses an F#m, or a regular A.
                  (Live, I saw him use an F#m. But it sounds ok to use an
                  A instead) 
		2)The way the song is originally written, the chorus
                  includes two extra lines.  In the regular version I
                  don't think they are used at all. Instead, the line
		 "I'm going home" is used. In the acoustic version the
                 'extra' lines are used. It's up to you.  I'll star(***)
                 where the 'extra' lines begin.
		3)There are two versions of the chorus with the same
                  notes, apply the chords from the first chorus to the
                  second chorus.

 I sing songs about Texas
D                   A
 Sing then often as if she was some old lover
 I used to know
A                         D                           A
 Wish I could follow them back to the homeland every time 
                  E   A
 I hear one on my radio

Twin fiddles playing in my memory
My daddy sang the wonders of old cow town
Silver hair and he's still there under a sky so warm and fair
I tell you friends there's a song in every town.

        E                      D              A
chorus: Sing me one more song about old San Antone
       E                              D         A
	Seems like a dream now it was so long ago    (A)
       E                                D            f#m E   
	Guy Clark he can be just like a coat from the cold
       A                 D                        A
     ***Songs about Texas sing them often every time*** 
	E                   A
     ***I think I've got no home***

chorus:	Sing me one more song about old San Antone
  #2	them honky tonk angels and their lonely be hive pain
	wish I was stowed away on some fast moving train going home

additional lyrics: 

Nothing short of the gospel hymns
I guess that's why folks keep writing 'um 
and when I die
I want to go there too

Someday I hope to walk along heavens street
I'll still be looking for my taco meat
and I swear I hear a steel guitar
just rising in the air

When the night is real real still 
I swear I could hear a Whipperewill
she knows there's music in the in the dirt down there
Hill Country rain is a cleansing thing and I have to see one 	
and I'll be sitting in a shallow creek with nothing to do

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