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Pat Green - Me and Billy the Kid

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Pat Green

Yeah me and Billy the Kid we ain't never got along
Didnât like the way he cocked his hat and he wore his gun all wrong
We had the same girlfriend and he never forgot it
She had a cute little chihuahua but one day he up and shot it
He rode the hard country down the New Mexico line
He had a silver pocket watch that he never did wind
He crippled a guitar player for playin his favorite song
Yeah me and billy the kid we ain't never get along


Yeah me and Billy the Kid we never got along
Didn't like the way he buckled his belt and he wore his gun all wrong
He was bad to the bone all hopped up on speed
I would've left if it wasnât for that senorita
He gave her silver and he paid her hotel bill
But it was me she loved and she said she always will
I'd always go see her when billy was gone
No me and Billy the kid never got along

Me and Billy the kid we never got along
I didnât like the way he tied he shoes and he wore his gun all wrong
One day I said to billy, I got this foolproof scheme
Weâll rob the Wells Fargo,  it's bustin at the seams
I admit that I framed him but I don't feel bad
Cause the way I was livin was drivin me mad
Billy went for his gun but his gun was on wrong
No me and billy the kid never got along

No me and Billy the Kid never got along
I sure like the way he swayed in the wind when I played his favorite song
Now my baby sings harmony to la cucaracha
We wind our pocket watches and pet her new chihuahua
We moved into a hotel got a room with a shower
I lay and listen to that watch tick hour after hour
Outside I hear the wind going on sto strong
Yeah me and Billy the Kid we never got along 

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