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Pat Green - Here We Go

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Song   - Here We Go
Album  - Dancehall Dreamer, Here We Go, Billy Bobs
Artist - Pat Green
Transcribed by - Ryan Shaw

Capo 3rd fret

Intro - C--D--G-G/F#-Em-C---D---G

G                           C                               D
Now up and at'em here we go I'm off again to the rodeo, and I've sure got a 
                          G                                           C 
lotta little things on my mind, One is a song I just started writing, another 
is a girl I just finished fighting, she said it was me but Lord i just don't 
        G                                                   C
believe her, and if you wanna know where I'm a coming from, just sit right
                             D                                         G      
there and I'll tell you son, this life i life ain't as wonderful as it


C         D          G       G/F#    Em
Here I go again just singing in this dive,
C              D               G     G/F#  Em
Lone Star Beer in my cereal is keeping me alive,
C            D         G    G/F#  Em
I gave up on Nashville along time ago,
C                   D                G
yeah but here I go, Lord once again, here i go.

Now I don't need to be too rich, I'm just an old hard-headed
sonuvabitch, with my eyes still set on the glory days, Back in the times
of the Dukes of Hazzard i was listening to Willie and Ol' Merle Haggard, and 
smiling just a little as i poked along in my truck, now theres a lot of
poor folks in my situation with the years of heartache and frustration,
just kinda watched my Nashville dreams turned into years.


Now let me tell you folks it don't really matter, that beer drinkin'
never made you fatter, it's all those night on the couch with the T.V.
dinner, and after twelve years with the Copenhagen, I've finally found I
was mistaken, it's not going to be something to add some years to my
life, and that's why I'm still dipping it today, and every morning I hear
momma say, that shit is gonna kill you if the women don't get you first.


Let me know if ya'll have any question.  It shouldn't be that hard to get
the rythem down, but let me know if you are having any problems.

     G                C                D              G/F#           Em
e----3----       e----0----       e----2----      e----3----    e----0----
B----3----       B----1----       B----3----      B----3----    B----0----
G----0----       G----0----       G----2----      G----0----    G----0----
D----0----       D----2----       D----0----      D----0----    D----2----
A----2----       A----3----       A---------      A----0----    A----2----
E----3----       E----0----       E---------      E----2----    E----0----

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