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Pat Green - Dancehall Dreamer

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Pat Green

A   Bm7   E         A    Bm7   E
Found myself in a barroom doin things I ought not to
Watching life as it slowly passed me by
A                                   Bm7                     E
I was holdin on to lovers disregarding others with my lies
Living my whole life like this I guess itās risky business
Some folks say that I wonāt last too long
And I can't say I blame for sayin what they're sayin
                                  Bm7                  E
Cause right now I'm just holdin on

A          Bm7             E            A             Bm7           E
I'm just and old dancehall dreamer          livin my life in the past
A              Bm7                          E                  C#m
Keep holdin on to dreams and them slow movin trains
A                                      Bm7              E
And I don't know how long I can last

So I called out to Jesus said lord I really need you
Youāve got to carry me for a while
Iāve been runnin too long singin them old tired songs
As the wheels keep turnin out the miles
Like I said I'm just a dreamer gotta keep believin
Someday things will go my way
I'm just runnin from the devil got one foot on the pedal
While the other ones laid up in the grave

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