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Pat Green - George's Bar

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Song: George's Bar
Artist: Pat Green
Album: George's Bar and Live at Billy Bob's Texas
Songwriter: Pat Green

A                   F#m               E
My brother and I used to go down to George's Bar
A                   F#m                         E
we'd drink big O's until they close down the place
A                   F#m         E
we'd talk about our life long ambitions
D                   E              A
I still recall the smile upon his face.

He took off for the bright lights down in Austin
he said don't you know there ain't no money here
he made a billion bucks just selling computers
I still go down to George's and drink my beer.

E                           D                   A
Yeah, he's gone, he may be gone, but I'm still here.
E                          D                   A
Well he's gone, he may be gone, but I'm still here.

2nd Verse:
There was this curly headed girl back in the seventh grade
she didn't even know she caught my eye
we dated for a while back in high school
Ithought that one day she'd be my wife.
The road took a turn somewhere around eighteen
she took off to find her own way
feel in for some Nashville high roller
I know he gonna break her heart one day.


I used to go to my grandpas house every Sunday,
watch the football game on TV,
sit around sometimes he'd tell us stories,
about how simple life used to be.
My grandpa died a year ago last Sunday,
I thought to myself he was one helluva' man,
and I know when the darkness surrounds me,
he reaches out and he takes my hand.


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